Lisbon Luxury Property Surge: Among Top 10 Global Markets in 2023

Lisbon Luxury Property is experiencing a momentous boom, placing itself amongst the elite rankings of global luxury property hotspots. Recent data reveals a significant uptick in the growth of luxury home prices in the Portuguese capital, putting it firmly within the top ten fastest-growing luxury residential markets in 2023.

Luxurious terrace view from a Lisbon villa

Lisbon’s Stellar Rise

According to the latest report from the esteemed real estate agency Knight Frank, while 14 cities witnessed a dip in luxury property prices over the past three months, a whopping 57% reported an upward trend. This data comes in light of a global pattern where the average annual growth in luxury home prices, although modest at 1.5%, signals a positive trajectory.

In Lisbon, the luxury property market has registered a promising 4.7% growth over the past year. Such promising numbers are even more impressive when juxtaposed with the city’s luxury property market’s relative infancy. As Francisco Quintela, the founding partner of Quintela + Penalva, mentions, “The luxury market is a relatively new market in Portugal, but with enormous demand.”

This demand is not merely local. It’s fuelled significantly by foreign investments and expats seeking high-end living experiences. Exploring the expat community in Portugal, one would find a growing interest in the luxury property segment of the region.

Luxury villa in Lisbon with a swimming pool.

The Global Landscape

Globally, Lisbon’s luxury property market’s ascension is notable but not singular. Leading the charts is Dubai, which has seen an astronomical growth of 48.8% in the last year. This marks the emirate’s dominance in the luxury real estate market for the eighth consecutive quarter. Following closely are Tokyo, with a 26.2% growth rate, and Manila, at 19.9%.

Other global cities like Miami, Shanghai, Mumbai, Madrid, and Nairobi have also performed remarkably well, preceding Lisbon in the rankings. For those considering diversifying their luxury property portfolio, the Pacaso blog provides an in-depth analysis of global luxury real estate trends.

The Role of Language and Cost of Living

One potential driving factor for the Lisbon Luxury Property surge could be the increased usage of the English language in Portugal. As more English-speaking expatriates make their way into the country, the demand for upscale properties increases.

Moreover, when one compares the cost of living in Portugal to the US, it’s evident that Portugal offers a more affordable and yet luxurious lifestyle, making it an enticing option for high-net-worth individuals.

Future Outlook

While the luxury property market in Lisbon is burgeoning, the question remains: How sustainable is this growth? A report from The Wall Street Journal suggests a general warming up of luxury real estate markets globally, indicating a positive future trend.

For Portugal, and specifically Lisbon, the future seems bright. The combination of foreign investments, a steadily improving economy, and a growing expat community ensures that the demand for luxury properties will continue. As the country leans into this trend, it becomes paramount to ensure that developments are sustainable, catering to both the luxury and environmental needs of the modern investor.

In conclusion, the Lisbon Luxury Property market’s journey is an emblematic one. From a relatively new player to a top contender in the global luxury real estate scene, Lisbon’s trajectory promises a prosperous future for investors and residents alike.


Luxury apartment with a stunning view of Lisbon.


1. What was the growth rate of Lisbon’s luxury property market in 2023? In 2023, the luxury property market in Lisbon registered a growth of 4.7%.

2. How does Lisbon compare to other global cities in the luxury property market? Lisbon is among the top 10 global cities in terms of growth in the luxury property market. Cities such as Dubai, Tokyo, and Manila ranked higher, while others like Miami, Shanghai, Mumbai, Madrid, and Nairobi also preceded Lisbon.

3. Why is the luxury property market in Lisbon booming? Several factors contribute to Lisbon’s luxury property market surge. These include foreign investments, an increasing expatriate community, and a growing appeal due to the affordable yet luxurious lifestyle offered by Portugal.

4. Who are the main investors in Lisbon’s luxury property market? The luxury property market in Lisbon is primarily buoyed by foreign investors. However, there’s also a notable interest from local Portuguese clients, as the city becomes a hotspot for luxury living.

5. Is the growth of the luxury property market in Lisbon sustainable? While current data indicates a promising trend for Lisbon’s luxury property market, its long-term sustainability will depend on factors like continued foreign investments, economic stability, and the city’s ability to cater to the increasing demands of luxury living without compromising environmental standards.