Quick Home Sales in Portugal: A Surging Trend in the Real Estate Market

Quick Home Sales in Portugal have seen a significant surge recently. Fresh data indicates that around 27% of properties sold in June stayed on Idealista, a popular real estate platform, for less than a week before being purchased. A deeper dive into this trend reveals much about Portugal’s increasingly dynamic real estate market.

How Quick Home Sales Breakdown

When examining the various durations houses stay listed on the market, 12% were available between a week and a month. In the one to three months category, a somewhat surprising 31% were sold. Properties listed between three months to a year accounted for 24% of sales. Interestingly, a small fraction of 6% remained on the market for more than a year before being sold, according to the study published by Idealista.

A picturesque street view in Faro, Portugal, a city with high Quick Home Sales.

Geographical Variations in Quick Home Sales

Zooming in on the homes sold in under a week, a geographical disparity emerges. Looking by district capital, Faro leads the pack, with an impressive 52% of properties selling within this short period. The charismatic city of Porto comes next, with 39% of its homes selling in under a week, followed closely by Aveiro, at 37%. Leiria and Coimbra record 36% and 35% respectively, while Santarém, Castelo Branco, and Beja trail not too far behind with 33%, 30%, and 28% respectively.

On the other end of the scale, cities with sales rates below the national average include Setúbal (24%), Braga (23%), Funchal (21%), Lisbon (20%), and Ponta Delgada (20%). It’s notable that Lisbon, the capital and usually a real estate hotspot, sees fewer Quick Home Sales in Portugal compared to other cities. The cities recording the least express sales include Viseu (12%), Bragança (14%), Évora (16%), and Viana do Castelo (19%).

The Implications of Quick Home Sales in Portugal

This rising trend of quick home sales reflects a broader shift in Portugal’s real estate market. It speaks to an increased demand for homes, likely driven by factors like urbanization, investment, and perhaps the allure of Portugal’s Golden Visa program. An overview of Portugal’s real estate tax highlights how favourable tax regimes could be another contributing factor.

For potential homeowners or investors considering joining this trend, it’s worth reviewing our complete guide to buying property in Portugal. It offers comprehensive insights on what to expect and how to navigate the current market dynamics.

Quick home sales are a noteworthy marker of real estate market health and activity. As the data shows, more properties are being sold in less time, indicating a healthy level of demand. With Portugal’s charming cities, like the picturesque Aveiro, and robust real estate infrastructure, this trend of Quick Home Sales in Portugal is likely to hold strong in the foreseeable future.


CityPercentage of Homes Sold in Under a Week
Castelo Branco30%
Ponta Delgada20%
Viana do Castelo19%

Woman sitting near a beach dune in Aveiro, Portugal, reflecting the serene lifestyle attracting Quick Home Sales.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the main point of the article?

The article highlights the trend of Quick Home Sales in Portugal, where 27% of homes sold in June 2023 were listed for less than a week.

Which city has the highest quick home sales rate?

Faro leads in quick home sales, with 52% of homes selling within a week of being listed.

What is the least performing city in terms of quick home sales?

Viseu recorded the lowest rate of quick home sales, with only 12% of homes selling within a week.

What might be driving this trend of quick home sales in Portugal?

Several factors might be driving this trend, including increased home demand, urbanization, foreign investment, favorable tax regimes, and the attractiveness of Portugal’s Golden Visa program.