Hand holding a Portuguese passport symbolizing the Golden Visa's closing window.

Golden Visa Closing Soon: Portugal’s Final Call for Investors

Golden Visa Closing Soon! The announcement that Portugal’s Golden Visa program is nearing its end has sent ripples throughout the international community. This unique opportunity has attracted thousands over the years, but with a rapidly closing window, potential investors must act quickly.

Key Takeaways

Why is the Golden Visa Closing Soon?

The initial intention of the Golden Visa was to stimulate Portugal’s economy, mainly its real estate sector. However, with the surge in housing prices, especially in populated areas like Lisbon and the Algarve, local families have found it increasingly difficult to afford homes. This has been particularly challenging for low-income families.

The President of Portugal recently vetoed the “More Housing” plans, which proposed the termination of the golden visas among other measures. The goal of these measures was to alleviate the housing crisis in Portugal. However, the veto has offered potential applicants a brief grace period.


Quaint old street in a Portuguese town with Golden Visa opportunities closing soon

How Can One Still Benefit?

The current system allows those who purchase a residential property valued at €280,000 or more to receive a five-year residency visa. This not only provides residency in Portugal but also free travel rights within the European Union.

However, to ensure eligibility before the law changes:

  1. Application Process: Start the application with the Portuguese immigration agency. Not all documents need to be in place, but the process must have begun. You can learn more about the application process here.
  2. Property Transaction: Ensure that the residential property transaction has advanced to the stage where money has been exchanged. The full transfer deed doesn’t need to be completed, but funds should be moved to the seller’s escrow or another account pending finalization.

Considering Portugal’s housing situation in 2023, as discussed here, the Golden Visa offers an excellent opportunity for potential investors. Also, with the luxury property surge in Lisbon, now might be the optimal time to invest.

Beautiful Portuguese coastal town showcasing the allure of Portugal as Golden Visa closes

Future of Golden Visa and Portuguese Real Estate

Though the window for the Golden Visa is closing soon, Portugal’s real estate market remains vibrant and appealing. The country has seen a rise in luxury properties, especially in locations like Comporta. Furthermore, initiatives like the “More Housing” plan indicate the government’s commitment to balancing foreign investments and the needs of local residents.


The Golden Visa program has been a cornerstone of Portugal’s foreign investment strategy for years. But as times change, so do policies. While the program is ending, the appeal of Portuguese real estate remains. Whether you’re a potential investor or someone considering relocating, now is the time to act before the Golden Visa closes for good. For those seeking more insights on the Golden Visa, explore here.


Key AspectDetails
Status of Golden VisaPlans to abolish in Portugal; still available but window closing soon.
Government’s ActionVetoed by the President on 25 August; delay doesn’t mean it won’t come into force.
Housing CrisisImpacting low-income families especially in Lisbon and the Algarve.
Current System€280,000 property purchase grants a five-year residency visa with EU travel rights.
Application ValidityApplications before new laws will be eligible if they meet criteria.
Application ProcessFile with Portuguese immigration agency; funds should be transferred, not necessarily finalized.
ResourcesOfficial Documentation
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Q: Is the Golden Visa program in Portugal officially ending?
A: Yes, the government has plans to abolish the Golden Visa program in Portugal. Although it’s been delayed by a Presidential veto, it’s expected to end soon.

Q: Can I still apply for the Golden Visa in Portugal?
A: You can still apply as long as the new laws haven’t been approved. Any application submitted before the new laws take effect and meets the necessary criteria will be considered.

Q: What’s the minimum investment required for the current Golden Visa program?
A: The current system requires an investment in a residential property valued at €280,000 or more to qualify for the Golden Visa.

Q: Do I need to finalize my property purchase to apply?
A: No, the property transaction must reach a stage where money has been exchanged. The final deed of transfer isn’t necessary as long as funds have been moved to the seller’s escrow or other account.

Q: Why is Portugal ending the Golden Visa program?
A: The government is addressing the housing crisis, especially affecting low-income families and populated areas like Lisbon and the Algarve. The end of the Golden Visa is one of the measures being taken to ease this crisis.