Costa da Caparica in Top Coolest Neighborhoods of 2023

Costa da Caparica, a tranquil beachfront gem across the Ponte 25 de Abril from bustling Lisbon, has become the talk of the town after making a significant leap in the global neighborhood ranking. The annual list by Time Out has placed this Portuguese paradise as the 18th coolest neighborhood in the world for 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • Costa da Caparica ranks 18th in Time Out’s list of the world’s coolest neighborhoods for 2023.
  • Often referred to as “Capifornia” for its surf waves, sandy beaches, and pleasant weather.
  • Its growing popularity is credited to an influx of an international audience and community spirit.
  • Digital nomadism post-pandemic has contributed to the area’s vibrancy with new communal spaces and cultural hubs.
  • Costa da Caparica, though experiencing transformation, remains local at heart.

Beautiful Costa da Caparica beach ranked in Top beach destinations.

The Charm of Costa da Caparica in Top

A hop away from Lisbon, over the majestic Ponte 25 de Abril bridge, Costa da Caparica has been a cherished summer destination for years. Often dubbed “Capifornia” due to its resemblances to California’s beaches and surf culture, this region has seen a remarkable transformation lately. Surf waves, expansive sandy beaches, and warm weather make it an attractive haven for both locals and international travelers. What’s even more special is the palpable sense of community that residents have cultivated over the years. More on its unique charm can be explored here.

A Global Shift Towards Local

Time Out suggests that the post-pandemic surge in digital nomadism has led neighborhoods like Costa da Caparica to become “more global than ever.” With an increasing number of communal spaces, multi-purpose cultural centers, and a plethora of new cafés, the global vibe is undeniable. Yet, at its core, Costa da Caparica has managed to retain its local spirit. The diversity of the region reflects profoundly in its culinary scene, cultural events, and festive celebrations. A more in-depth review is available at TripAdvisor.

Property Insights and Portugal’s Housing Scene

Costa da Caparica’s inclusion in the top coolest neighborhoods is bound to impact the real estate scene in Portugal. With a rising influx of international residents and digital nomads, property demand in such neighborhoods will likely see an uptick. This is in line with the overall surge in Lisbon’s luxury property scene and Portugal’s housing prices.

However, while luxury properties and soaring housing prices dominate the headlines, there’s an underlying trend of quick home sales in Portugal. The realty landscape is diverse and offers a range of opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

Top view of Costa da Caparica, one of the top-rated beaches

Global Rankings and Neighbors in Fame

Though Costa da Caparica stands tall with its 18th rank, the Time Out list for 2023 has showcased a mix of global neighborhoods. Laureles in Medellín holds the top position, followed by Smithfield in Dublin, Carabanchel in Madrid, Havnen in Copenhagen, and Sheung Wan in Hong Kong, to name a few. With its global rank, Costa da Caparica is undoubtedly on the map for those seeking a mix of beachfront tranquility and vibrant community life. For a detailed guide on Costa da Caparica, click here.

In conclusion, Costa da Caparica’s recognition as one of the top coolest neighborhoods of 2023 is a testament to its evolving character. While it’s no surprise to the locals, the world is waking up to the allure of this Portuguese gem. Whether it’s the waves that call you, the community spirit, or the promise of a vibrant international-local blend, Costa da Caparica is the place to be.

Sunset at Costa da Caparica in Top beaches with a beach shack on the left


Why is Costa da Caparica called the 18th coolest neighborhood?

Costa da Caparica has transformed dramatically, blending local charm with global appeal, making it a haven for international travelers, digital nomads, and culture enthusiasts. This transformation, along with its rich gastronomy, festivals, and community feel, has positioned it as one of the coolest neighborhoods globally.

What does the nickname “Capifornia” signify?

The nickname “Capifornia” is an endearing term for Costa da Caparica due to its resemblance to California’s surf culture, sunny weather, and sandy beaches. It captures the essence of the beach life that both places offer.

How has the rise of digital nomadism impacted Costa da Caparica?

With the rise of digital nomadism post-pandemic, Costa da Caparica saw an influx of remote workers from around the world. This has led to the opening of multifunctional cultural spaces, more cafes with Wi-Fi, and an environment conducive for work and leisure.

Which are the other neighborhoods that ranked in the top 3 coolest neighborhoods worldwide?

The top 3 coolest neighborhoods worldwide are Laureles in Medellín, Smithfield in Dublin, and Carabanchel in Madrid.

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