End of NHR Tax Relief in 2024

The Portuguese government’s latest decision to cease the non-habitual resident (NHR) tax relief in 2024 has made headlines and raised eyebrows in the expat community. With the rising trend of foreign investors pouring into Portugal’s real estate market, many took advantage of this NHR tax regime. However, the latest updates suggest a change in the course of these tax incentives.

Key Takeaways:

  • End of NHR Tax Relief: The special tax relief for new non-habitual residents will be terminated in 2024.
  • Existing Beneficiaries Remain Unaffected: Those who already have this tax benefit will continue to enjoy it.
  • Reasons for Termination: The government views this tax regime as an unjust measure that inflates the housing market.
  • Legacy of the NHR Tax: Initially, the tax relief was a success with 59% of beneficiaries choosing to stay in Portugal even after the relief ended.


The Rising Concerns of Housing Prices

Housing prices in Portugal, particularly in areas like Lisbon, have been skyrocketing in recent years. With luxury properties becoming more appealing to foreign investors, there is a concern about the sustainability of these trends. The surge in Lisbon’s luxury property market and the general trends in Portugal’s housing prices in 2023 reflect this surge. The government, recognizing the unsustainability, has decided to reevaluate the NHR tax regime.

End of NHR Tax Relief: A Retrospective

Introduced as a measure to attract foreign talent and investment, the NHR tax relief provided significant benefits. These include a flat 20% income tax rate on certain Portuguese-source incomes and a tax exemption on most foreign-source incomes. According to IMI Daily, during its prime, the scheme did serve its purpose, with a majority of the beneficiaries opting to stay in Portugal even after the conclusion of their tax benefits. Yet, in light of the current market situations, it’s viewed as a tool that is now redundant.

The Implication on the Real Estate Market

Real estate in Portugal, especially in tourist hotspots and major cities, has seen a tremendous influx of foreign investors. The NHR tax relief was undoubtedly an enticing factor for many. The end of this relief might bring a slowdown in the foreign investments, specifically in the luxury real estate sector. Investors might have to reevaluate the costs and benefits of investing in properties like the ones found in Comporta.

As reported by Bloomberg, this could also potentially lead to a more stabilized real estate market, with prices reflecting the actual value rather than inflated rates due to foreign demand.

Scenic view of a Portuguese town after the end of NHR tax changes

What’s Next for Potential Investors and Residents?

For those who are considering moving to Portugal or investing in its real estate market, this might be the time to act. With the NHR tax relief still in place until 2024, there is a window of opportunity. Moreover, understanding the intricacies of the real estate tax in Portugal can provide potential investors with a clearer picture of the future landscape.

Furthermore, as featured on CNN Portugal, Prime Minister António Costa has emphasized that current beneficiaries of the NHR tax relief will not lose their benefits. This ensures that those who are already enjoying these incentives will continue to do so.


End of NHR Tax Relief 2024: Quick Summary

Policy ChangeNHR Tax Relief ending in 2024
Current BeneficiariesWill retain their tax relief benefits
Government’s RationaleTo counteract fiscal injustice and housing market inflation
Effect on Housing MarketAnticipated stabilization of inflated prices
Past Impact of NHR Tax Relief59% of initial beneficiaries stayed in Portugal post-benefit
Statement SourcePrime Minister António Costa
For Potential Real Estate InvestorsAdvised to act before 2024; possible property market shifts
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The termination of the NHR tax relief is a significant turn in Portugal’s taxation landscape. While it catered to many foreign investors and residents in its prime, its relevance in the current housing market scenario is being questioned. As Portugal continues to evolve its policies to ensure sustainable growth and fair practices, potential investors should keep abreast of these changes to make informed decisions.


Lisbon tram moving through historic streets amidst NHR tax policy shifts


Q1: When will the NHR tax relief end?
A1: The NHR tax relief is scheduled to end in 2024.

Q2: What will happen to current beneficiaries of the NHR tax relief after 2024?
A2: Current beneficiaries will continue to enjoy the benefits of the NHR tax relief even after its termination in 2024.

Q3: Why is the Portuguese government ending the NHR tax relief?
A3: Prime Minister António Costa stated that the NHR tax relief is ending to counter fiscal injustice and because it has inflated the housing market.

Q4: Did the NHR tax relief have a positive impact on foreign residents in Portugal?
A4: Yes, in the first ten years of its implementation, 59% of beneficiaries decided to stay in Portugal even after their tax relief ended.

Q5: How might the end of the NHR tax relief impact the Portuguese real estate market?
A5: The end of the NHR tax relief might stabilize the inflated property prices in Portugal, leading to potential shifts in property investment strategies.